Shedding The Heavy Load & Letting Go

It’s been eight months, one anniversary and two canicule aback my bedmate died. Even now, I acquisition myself cerebration he is just at plan if he is gone during the day. Sometimes, I overlook that he is gone. My apperception does not wish to bethink the affliction and abhorrence of endure year. I apperceive that the asleep of aggregate that happened is traveling abroad and accuracy has been abiding boring with anniversary casual day. My bedmate is gone. My step-dad, who aloft me is gone. My admired Lab is gone. Even my actual dogs, my two little dachshunds accept been in shock. Our backpack took a actual harder hit.

I accept been traveling absolutely a bit aback my husband’s passing. I bare to get away… far, far away. I still cannot accompany myself to even appointment the chemo ward. I abstain abounding of the humans from that time period… even the ones who were actual acceptable to me. I can’t. I just can’t. Humans say that I accept changed. That is true. If we aboriginal started seeing the doctor, I advised 188 pounds. I counterbalance 138 pounds now. The aboriginal 25 pounds I formed harder at losing. The blow was a aftereffect of my husband’s cancer, stress, accident of appetence and arduous shock. I just was not hungry. Generally times, I am still not hungry. Humans say I attending great… and I assumption I do. I acquaint humans that it is “a abundant acrylic job” but it is abandoned that — to me anyhow because central I still feel heavy. I am bent about that my thoughts will bolt up to my new concrete reality.

I accept been actively allocation through all of our many, abounding belongings. All of the clothes. All of the bills. All of the music my bedmate loved. His plan stuff. It has been harder to let it go but I apperceive that if I absolutely wish adulation in my activity afresh in the approaching (and I do); afresh I accept to accomplish allowance for it. I accept been abundant with all of the “stuff” activity brings with 48 years of life. I accept consistently had a tender, affected soul. I authority on to all sorts of things and to all sorts of humans even continued afterwards I should accept let them go. I accept been accustomed baggage. Years and years of accoutrements and I am annoyed of lugging it all around. Physically, I was annoyed of lugging the weight around. I generally acquainted trapped central of myself and yearned for my old physique back. (Although, I was absolutely adequate by the anonymity getting fat gave me.) Mentally… spiritually. I absolutely am done accustomed it around! Time to afford the abundant amount of my abounding pasts… again.

So, I got a new physique now. It isn’t the aboriginal time that has happened. I accept been in many, abounding bodies… and already again, I am starting over. It wasn’t absolutely my best but it is my decision. Funny to me how humans get bent up in my physique and what it looks like now. It never has been me. I accept consistently been afraid by how few humans admit me… even ones I accept accepted abounding lifetimes. Anyway, I accept absitively that I will accept adulation afresh in my life… and I will do all of the things I accept continued told myself that one day I would do.

I accept been reminded the actual harder way that every day of activity is a gift. It can go abroad at any time and bang you and leave you absolutely devastated. So, I acquaint myself to not let afterlife bolt me aghast in the following of myself. Do all the things I capital to do. Try all the things I capital to try. Cherish the souls I am adored to apperceive and meet. Go all of the places I consistently dreamed of going… and if I accept to do it alone, afresh so be it. Although, I don’t anticipate that is what will happen…